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San Francisco Stuff

Nearly all of these places can be found using my page. i’ve plotted nearly every one of these locations, with links, using its google maps functionality.

SF Map from Community Walk

1. get on the water – go to the embarcadero, ferry station, and take a ferry to Tiburon. and get lunch at sam’s or Guaymas Restaurant right on the dock. Other ferry options: if you’re staying in the North Bay (Marin County), leave your car at one of the ferry stops and take the ferry to the City on Golden Gate Ferry.

2. golden gate park

3. chinatown – terrific food here. lots of chinese people. you can take the cable car right thru the middle of chinatown.

4. sf moma – museum of modern art and nearby sony metreon

5. fisherman’s wharf – boudin’s bread bowls of clam chowder

6. food – its hard to go wrong. here are some of my fav’s:

  • kabuto sushi – excellent traditional sushi house. great neighborhood restaurant.
  • blowfish sushi – wild place, expensive but there’s nothing like it in birmingham, al.
  • ti couz creperie – excellent place, very cozy, interesting neighborhood (mission district), one-of-a-kind. moderate prices. highly recommended.
  • beach chalet brewpub – located on the west side of town on the beach in a historic bldg (famous murals). if you’re in this neighborhood you should visit. long waits for tables, food can be lame. i worked on the logo design for this place!
  • chocolate – i would try these 2 places for the best hot chocolate in sf:
    Hot chocolate: Bittersweet on Fillmore has a good selection of hot chocolates, pastries and chocolate bars. Blue Bottle Coffee, a tiny hole-in-the-wall lace off Gough street near Hayes Valley, makes rich creamy hot chocolate from Sur del Lago dark chocolate.
  • another place of interest would be Scharffenberger Chocolate. they’re in the east bay (oakland-berkeley) and give factory tours. we always meant to take one but never did. i’m sure kids would love this (and you too).
  • speaking of food, you might enjoy the Ferry Building recently refinished, it has a wealth of culinary items of interest. its a beautiful setting too – you can take the ferry from here over to tiburon (which you must do).

7. North Beach (italian district)

  • caffe trieste – my favorite coffee place outside italy. go on a sunday afternoon to hear the impromptu opera singers perform.
  • north beach pizza – one of the best pizzas in the city.

8. shopping

union square is one of the best shopping locations in the planet. your wife(s) will bankrupt you here. do not let them go unsupervised.

also nearby is the apple store. this is an awesome store (particularly if you like macs, ipods, et al. walking distance from union square. its also a great place to check email for free.

other links:

webcams in SF

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